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The Velocity Corvette Club


The VCC site was an interesting one, in the fact that it started out as a web dev nightmare.

VCC had just opened their shop and were scheduled to announce their grand opening at the annual Houston Corvette Expo. One of the fast driving, chick magnet owners approached me with the project.

The job specs were to Develop a custom wordpress theme that he could update himself, skin the Helios calendar and an open source image gallery.

Even though it seemed like a fun project, I was knee deep in a big project at work and didn’t feel comfortable with the deadline - I had to decline the offer.

A couple of weeks later we spoke again, apparantly the person he had contracted to do the project had jumped ship. VCC had no web presence and the show was about two and a half weeks away.

Things had lightened up a bit at work so I took the project.

We started with the usual mockups and decided on a direction. The wordpress implementation was smooth sailing with one minor mistake - I had modified wordpress a bit which caused a major problem with a wordpress update - Lesson learned we moved on.

The Helios calendar was more of a challenge. After my mistake with wordpress there was no way I was going to mess with the back end of Helios.

The calendar is well built but the nature of the app requires additional navigation and miles of unique tag id’s. Helios was a great environment to really test the power of css.

We were on the wire.

The show was around the corner and I still hadn’t started the image gallery.

After digging around in the code for an hour I realized that there wasn’t much I could do with the time I had left.

The gallery was built using tables - tables nested in tables, tables under tables and tables populating tables with tables. This wasn’t the worst implementation though, they were all well classed, I was just out of time. I wrote a couple of styles and we launched the site.

The next day I toured the isles of the Corvette Expo, proud of a job well done (or at least, done).
As I drank my cold frosty brew, I realized that after all of this work I had become quite a fan of Corvettes - too bad I’ll never be able to afford one!


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