Hello my name is Simon

& yes I like to do Drawings

It’s Alive!

Simon Reynolds Monster Hand Rising

Finally! I am finished with my re-design. In the process, I have discovered the hardest task any web designer can take on:

Designing your own website.

I have experienced every human emotion during this project. I have been angry, frustrated, laughed, cried, yelled at the dog, thrown things at the wall and even found myself wandering aimlessly downtown wearing a yellow speedo and cowboy hat.

So what’s the big deal? Do I have the dreaded creative block? No, it can’t be, I’ve been producing websites non stop all day, week after week.

There is hope.

During a client project, the root of my struggles became clear. I was too emotionally involved and my approach was missing the fundamental 101 of design, “rules”. (Or in my case, the lack of them.)

Who would have thought that a re-design for a title company could give me such a moment of clarity - there I was, working away, checking off my mental laundry list of rules: They are corporate and clean, blue, grey, stick to the grid, find a “Happy Couple” photo - and done.

Finding the root of my struggles didn’t solve the problem. I am human and the hardest thing to do is follow our own rules. For example, every Sunday I tell myself, “myself, from now on you are bringing your lunch to work and going to the gym 3 days a week.” Has this ever happened? Rarely.

So what did I do?

I talked it out, fellas. I asked my web buddies to suggest how I should approach my site. Essentially setting up a list of rules for me to follow.

After a couple of quick discussions things started to clear up. The easiest way to represent yourself and to enjoy the late working nights, is to simply do what you enjoy the most. I couldn’t bring myself to build the “Beer drinking bull rider” theme so I chose my second favorite, illustration.

I hope you enjoy and please feel free to comment.

Side Notes

I originally built a couple of css and xhtml validation buttons in the style of award
ribbons. I decided not to use them, they’re open for download if you want them. Download Illustrator CS2 file.

Onemarco.com has a great script available for generating “Tool Tips” within the google maps api.